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Acne Cleanser

2.5% benzoyl peroxide treatment • Gentle clearing face wash

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• (58 reviews)

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    I love this cleanser! I love how affordable It is and how clean It makes my skin feel after using. I've been pairing It with the Curology moisturizer and I think it's really helped clear my skin up.

  • 5


    I get stress breakouts so I was really excited to try the Curology cleanser. It's very gentle and is non scented. Just smells like soap so great for those who are sensitive to scented skincare. My skin did experience the purge period, where my fave broke out more at the beginning of this new skincare routine. This is common and expected when introducing prescription acne ingredients for the first time. This means it's doing it's job and look forward to continuing to using this cleanser!

  • 5


    I've always wanted to try this brand because I suffer from acne and I was not disappointed. The patch helped clear my skin in a day. I really enjoy the cleanser and moisturizer as well. It made my skin feel so clean and hydrated.

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    The cleanser makes my skin feel clean and smooth after washing. The gel cream has a light texture and is not sticky. Great formula and ingredients. Good for acne treatment as well.

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    Since I started using these Curology skincare products my skin really looks great. It cleared up my blemishes and left my skin feeling clean and smooth. I really like the patches for breakouts you need to get rid of quickly. The cleanser is gentle and the moisturizer keeps my skin feeling so refreshed. I really loved this!

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    I have always heard really good things about curology for acne prone skin so I was so excited to use it! The cleanser is SO gentle which is great for my sensitive acne prone skin. I can't wait to see long term effects!

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    This is great! When I was a teenager I had a subscription with them and it cleared up my skin so when I got this I just knew it would be amazing. Both products work great and leave my skin feeling clean and smooth!

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    I absolutely love how gentle this cleanser is. It cleans my skin well, without irritating my skin or drying my skin out. I have acne prone skin and most cleansers make my skin irritated, but not this one. It makes it feel clean yet hydrated and soothed.

  • 5


    If you have sensitive skin, I believe this is a fantastic cleanser. It is super gentle, and it helps to get away all of your excess oil and dirt. I love that it does not have my skin feel dry. It is also fragrance-free and keeps my skin clear. It's a great option as a cleanser.


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