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Emergency Spot Patch

Fast-acting healing support

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• (393 reviews)

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  • 5


    I am very picky with my pimple patches and these are my new fav! I love how affordable they are, you get a good amount of them and they stay on really well. They have helped me stop picking and I'll def repurchase!

  • 5


    Love this product! It helped to clear up a small spot on my skin overnight and I would recommend this product to anyone.

  • 5


    I rarely get problems on my face BUT my cousin use this product for me to see how well it does! She said she loves it and would love to keep purchasing it!

  • 5


    I loved these patches as back up but to be completely honest, I didn't feel the adhesive was as strong as the hero ones (I love those!!) and it didn't draw out as much. I felt like I had to use 2 for them to be effective but overall, they still work!!

  • 5


    I was having my monthly breakout and used these. I put a patch right on my pimple and by the next morning, it flattened out. This has helped avoid the urge to pick/pop my pimple which I I love because that means, no hyperpigmentation!!!! I never used Curology prior to this but I love that they are now located at Target!

  • 4


    I love three things about these acne patches. #1 They worked really well over night. (My two white heads were gone!) #2 They didn't leave behind any redness or dark marks after I removed the patches. #3 The Price!!! The one thing I wish was that it worked better on my cystic acne, but overall very happy!

  • 5


    I love spot patches! I really liked these ones by curology. I leave them over night and take them off in the morning and my problem areas look way better and less red the next day.

  • 5


    This was nice to try although I'd like to try more to truly know. It's good but it's hard to judge on one patch. Has potential though. I will likely buy on my own too.

  • 5


    I love using spot patches! These patches actually stay on and do not come off at night like most of the other patches I have used. Does what it says! Travel friendly product!


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