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Emergency Spot Patch

Fast-acting healing support

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• (393 reviews)

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    These spot patches have been my go to lately to combat acne spots and dark spots. I definitely see a difference even in just one use. These are great to keep on hand even before a special event.

  • 5


    Clears up everything in a few days, even in one day my pimples will shrink and begin to heal. I've tried quite a few spot treatments, mainly mid to high end and this one beats them all. It's all about what your skin needs and my skin love's this! Im happy i finally found something that heals my pimples. This stuff also lasts a while as well. It does stain pillow cases and sheets, I learned that the hard way but it's still worth it.

  • 5


    This worked wonderfully, and honestly I'm pleasantly surprised because in the past this type of product has not worked for me very well. I have a few spots on either side of my face, so to test the efficacy I placed the Spot Patch on only one side of my face to wear overnight. The patches stayed on through the night until I took them off, and the spots were gone. Can't ask for any better than that!

  • 5


    This acne patch looks pretty clear (almost invisible) on my skin. It can be worn under makeup, but I prefer to wear it overnight. It's also very effective in minimizing a pimple quickly AND it's affordable!

  • 5


    I love pimple patches, and these ones seem to be pretty good quality. The adhesive is strong, and these stayed on all night in the corner of my nose, which can be a difficult spot to get pimple patches to adhere too.

  • 5


    These are great to have on hand and I love Curology provides clean, vegan products. This one stays put on the skin & I like the comfort of a hydrocolloid patch. This one draws out impurities as you wear it and it's nice and inconspicuous!

  • 5


    These little patches are Miracle workers!! They're very thin and almost undetectable and they actually work. I was getting a breakout on my chin so I hurried and used one, kept it on overnight and the next morning it was gone, no redness either. I think these are very effective.

  • 5


    I love how discrete the patches are - almost invisible on my skin. I haven't had a huge pimple yet to really test it out but tried on some smaller ones and did see an improvement overnight. It's a nice product to have in your vanity in case of an "emergency" :)

  • 5


    This was an effective product! I have yet to try a pimple patch that isn't effective. Other than thatvery easy to apply and it stood on for as long as I needed until it was time to remove it.


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