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Lightly foaming face wash

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• (535 reviews)

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  • 5


    This cleanser is very solid. There's not a distinct scent, it's not heavy, and it's not harsh on your skin or stripping away the layers. This cleanser leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh, and most importantly smooth.

  • 5


    I have dry skin, and I love that the fact this is for all skin types. This is a great cleanser, my face doesn't feel too tight like some cleansers make my face feel and I love the price of this cleanser as well!

  • 5


    This gentle cleanser is the best choice for the ones who have sensitive skin and can't use many face products because the ingredients. This cleanser is so great for non fragrance smell.

  • 5


    I have been using the gentle cleanser and it has been cleaning my face well. I have more rough/textured skin so i still exfoliate before washing my face with this products.

  • 5


    This gentle cleanser was amazing. I have very sensitive skin and this honestly helped my skin so much. It made it super soft and hydrated. Most of the time my skin is dry and this stuff really made my skin not dry anymore. I highly recommend.

  • 5


    Such a lovely cleanser! this gentle cleanser and it's become an in shower staple. So gentle to use, no strong scent, leaves you feeling clean and refreshed after. Definitely recommend.

  • 5


    I've been seeing Curology ads for the longest time, so I was looking forward to trying it now that it's available at Target! This was one of the most gentle cleansers I've tried. Great for daily use and for those with sensitive skin. Lightly foams upon application and it is unscented!

  • 5


    I have never used this brand before so I was excited to try it out! This gentle cleanser felt nice on the skin and did not irritate my face or eyes. I will say that it did not fully take off my makeup but that is okay!

  • 4


    I'm surprised by this cleanser, I expected it to be drying but actually it wasn't! I use this in the evening as part of my double cleansing routine and it cleans the skin gently and doesn't strip the skin of moisture completely. I do believe this would be better suited to those of you with oily skin though.


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