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The Lip Balm (Sugar & Spice)

The Lip Balm (Sugar & Spice)

Nourishing vegan formula

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• (11 reviews)

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    For the price point it’s a decent lip balm. It instantly softens my chapped lips and helps relieve the irritation. It smells of a spicy vanilla but it doesn’t have a flavor. It lasts about an hour on me before I need to reapply but my lips still feel softer even after it’s gone. I’m not crazy about the packaging though. There’s not a lot of lip balm in the container and when you go to slide it closed it scrapes on the opening leaving product on the outside of the container.

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    I really enjoy this lip balm! Firstly, the packaging is unique and beautiful. It’s a lovely plum color and it’s a unique design that allows you to push up the product that feels expensive and luxe. It looks great in a bag. On to the actual product there’s no tint so it layers great underneath other lip products. The smell of vanilla and and cinnamon go great together and give a festive vibe.


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