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• (22 reviews)

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    I love Curology products so I was super excited to see they have lip products. I got the vanilla one and it smells so good. The packaging is actually really cool and different than anything I’ve ever seen. It definitely made my lips soft. It didn’t keep my lips moisturized for a ridiculous amount of time but I would definitely compare it to my other chapsticks that I love on moisture scale but the smell, packaging, and softness that it gives would make me purchase again. I wanna try all the diff flavors now.

  • 5


    Wow I am so impressed by this product! I really love the formula and the scent. It stays on for so long and one thing I really enjoy is the packaging! It’s an odd shape therefor you won’t loose it! You also never have to worry about loosing the cap because the packaging is genius!

  • 5


    This smells and feels absolutely amazing. Super hydrating and not overwhelmingly slippery. I love that I can throw this in my purse and use anytime my lips need some tlc. I can appreciate the clean ingredients as well.

  • 5


    The Curology lip balm is a standard lip balm. It did not make my jaw-drop, but does the job in a pinch! I do find myself having to frequently re-apply this product.

  • 5


    LOVE Curology Lip Balm in Passion Fruit! The scent smells exactly like Passion Fruit, which is my favorite all time fragrance. This balm glides on my lips like butter, silky smooth application. Speaking of application the design of the packing is innovative and eye catching. So cool to use and a conversation starter. Immediate and long lasting hydration. It's my new favorite brand and can't wait to try other flavors! This is a great lip balm!

  • 5


    First time trying anything by this brand. I love the packaging of the lip balm, it’s different but still easy to use as well. It’s about the same size as your normal, regular chapstick so definitely can fit in your purse and etc. I applied it on my lips and so far, it has my lips feeling moisturized.

  • 5


    Really good lip balm and I really like how it offers a variety of flavors. I got the passionfruit one and it's so good! It leaves my lips super smooth and hydrated and the passionfruit scent isnt too over the top which I appreciate!

  • 5


    Okay I’m obsessed with this lip balm. The container is so cute and easy to use. And the product makes my lips instantly hydrated. I would definitely purchase more. Love that there’s no cap

  • 5


    I love this lip balm! The packaging is so unique and so cool! I got the vanilla scent and omg it is amazing. I am obsessed with the scent and how this lip product applies onto the lips! It’s super hydrating and very soft!


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