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Nourishing vegan formula

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• (23 reviews)

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  • 5


    Really good lip balm and I really like how it offers a variety of flavors. I got the passionfruit one and it's so good! It leaves my lips super smooth and hydrated and the passionfruit scent isnt too over the top which I appreciate!

  • 4


    I like this vanilla lip balm I like the idea behind the packaging I do find that you need to slide the balm down very fast so the cap doesn’t nick the product. But it’s super affordable and assessable so I would recommend.

  • 4


    Love the idea of this lip balm! It has a slide on the side that automatically lifts up the balm to apply! It’s not overly weird in terms of texture so it’s nice! I personally would choose a different flavor next time but it’s nice!

  • 5


    You need this lip balm! The packaging alone is really nice and easy to store, I love that you don’t have to worry about losing a cap, the balm itself just melts on contact to the lip and becomes this mask texture that’s so soft and creamy on the lips!

  • 5


    This is such a great lip balm, I absolutely love the packaging and how fun it is to use. The scent it so good and not too strong. It also makes my lips look and feel so smooth and soft. I really love this

  • 5


    this lipbalm is deeply-moisturizing, truly vegan formula and radically simple, one-handed applicator. Crafted from nourishing oils and natural butters, the Lip Balm locks in lasting moisture. Finally, a lip balm that does it all!

  • 5


    This curology lip balm is amazing! ive been suffering from dry flaky chapped lips this entire winter season and this saved my lips! i love the packaging so much, its very cute and the smell is divine!

  • 5


    I've tried everything for my lips but this is the only one that works. Love the feel on my lips. Moist but not greasy. Leaves feeling hydrated and fully conditioned. My lips aren't dry or sticky. And a little bit goes a long way!

  • 5


    I really like the Lip Balm. The packaging looks upscale and the pop up button for the balm feels a little techy and fun. The balm itself is buttery and makes my lips softer. The vanilla flavor and fragrance is subtle. Recommend.


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