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The Micellar Makeup Remover

The Micellar Makeup Remover

Silky gel-water concentrate

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• (184 reviews)

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    I've been trying this moisturizer for a few weeks and loving it! It's really hydrating for my skin. I've been using it everyday under my makeup and love that it's a great base for foundation as well. Highly recommend this!

  • 3


    This isn't a favorite. I used this on my makeup eraser cloth and it stung my eyes so bad. While it removed my makeup just fine I can't stand my eyes stinging. Just major warning to avoid the eye area with this. Fine for the rest of the face.

  • 5

    MyTopThingsss - Sophia Jeon

    I like Curology Micellar Makeup Remover because it is not harsh on the skin but does the job. Some micellar water is just not taking off eye makeup but this one does a good job. I would use it as the first step of my night-time skincare routine.

  • 5


    I was excited to try a new makeup remover product, as I to like double cleanse. ~ nice and gentle on my face.it did not cause acne and removed what i needed it to..

  • 5


    My new FAVORITE micellar water! I only use micellar water to remove my makeup and I am so happy I found a micellar water that removes my makeup (including waterproof mascara) so fast and easily! It does not irritate my skin at all and I love it.

  • 5


    I am in love w this! It is more of a jelly consistency instead of watery like others and I love it. I can put it in my hands or my makeup cloth and gets of my mascara so easily. Will def be using this everyday and give it a try!

  • 3


    ! I thought this micellar water was quite nice. It did a good job of removing my face makeup. It didn't remove my mascara, but I use a tough one. I will say that I could only see my self using this product on its own if I was dead tired and couldn't bear to do my full cleansing routine. In my opinion, it doesn't penetrate deeply enough to justify not following it up with a gentle cleanser.

  • 5


    I love how lightweight this product is! The packaging is super cute and functional. I find this amazing at removing my usual makeup effortlessly and is a great first step to my cleansing routine. I would still go in with something more oil based for waterproof mascara/eye makeup. I love using this as a refresher in the morning instead of a full cleanse or after the gym! Amazing product :)

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    I love this micellar water! Doesn't leave any residue and takes my makeup off easily. I love the texture as it isn't thick but isn't thin like water either. would definitely recommend to someone for their makeup removal needs.


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