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The Rich Moisturizer

Rich hydration for dry skin

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• (219 reviews)

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  • 5


    With having dry skin I was anxious to try this new Cream Moisturizer and I'm really enjoying the way it hydrates & moisturizes my skin for the day! It goes on nice & cooling, feels lightweight and relieves the dry, tight feeling. It has a nice pump top to keep product clean. It leaves my skin soft & smooth & works well so far with any other product I'm using!

  • 5


    This moisturizer is a must have! It feels like, but heavy enough to use over retinol products to keep your skin feeling hydrated all day. It's a really good moisturizer that rivals the luxury brands, plus it's practically a steal for such an affordable price.

  • 3


    This is a simple cream moisturizer, that leaves my skin feeling somewhat nourished. Since this is targeted at dry skin, I feel like this formula could be more hydrating and moisturizing. It almost dries down to a powdery feeling finish, and for my skin I prefer something a bit more emollient. I do like that this formula is fragrance free and gentle on my skin. It also comes in an airtight pump, which keeps the product fresh and safe from contamination.

  • 5


    I was impressed with the results. I've been using their other moisturizer for a while and didn't think this one was gonna be as good. Its amazing, lightweight and yet so moisturizing, doesn't leave the skin greasy or oily looking, amazing for the winter time since it has a thicker consistency. I simply love it!

  • 4


    This product was really nice and helped moisturize my dry skin. I use it in the am and the pm and keeps my face really nice and hydrated throughout the day and night! I like it

  • 5


    Loved using this moisturizer in Boston winter and I was particularly impressed by the texture of the product which isn't too greasy but thick enough to produce adequate moisture retention! It's my first experience with Curology and I was happy with this product.

  • 5


    I am delighted with this cream since my skin is very dry I always use oils and it is always dry, but I just got this cream and my skin looks brighter and more moisturized. I really recommend it more if you have black spots, it clarifies your skin and it looks super good.

  • 4


    This was my first time trying anything from the brand but I have been curious for years. My skin is sensitive and pretty dry and I suffer from constant dry patches. This cream moisturizer claims to be rich hydration for dry skin. Now, I wouldn't necessarily call it a "rich" moisturizer. I equate that with a heavier cream, this one is very lightweight and absorbs quickly leaving no residue on the skin. I think that makes this cream a perfect candidate for daytime wear but it's not rich enough, for me at least, to use as a night cream. But as a daytime moisturizer it's lovely.

  • 5


    Really enjoyed the moisturizer, I use it after the curology cleanser and it really makes my face feel smooth, a little goes a long way and it more of a winter season moisturizer. Don't see myself using it during the summer days


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