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Broad-spectrum SPF 30 • No clog UV defense

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• (166 reviews)

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    This is an amazing sunscreen. Doesn't sting my eyes, blends in well, sits well under makeup. It goes on like it might have a cast but it rubs away on my skin tone (light-medium). This is thick which I enjoy, it feels moisturizing without looking or feeling greasy.

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    MyTopThingsss - Sophia Jeon

    I love the fact that Curology is sold at Target now. I like Curology Sunscreen because it's made by dermatologists It's No-clog UV Defense everyday sunscreen. it spreads like a moisturizer without white cast. No scent is added and non-greasy. I wish they make a higher SPF than SPF30 but loving it.

  • 5


    I loved this product! It is perfect to get the spf coverage I need without the the heavy feeling left on my skin, like other sunscreens. It is also great for sensitive skin!

  • 5


    I love this sunscreen! It's lightweight and leaves zero white cast. I like that I can feel like my skin can breathe unlike other sunscreens. It's also not shiny in me and I was able to wear makeup beautifully on top of it!

  • 5


    Love this sunscreen for under my makeup. It doesn't cake up my makeup and goes on flawlessly still. It protects my skin from the sun and doesn't make me break out. It's not too oily and doesn't have too strong of a scent

  • 3


    Absolutely I want to love the sunscreen but it does leave a white cast on my darker skin. I can rub it in for 3 to 4 minutes but there still a slight cast.

  • 4


    This moisturizer is super gentle and great for day time if you're looking for something light. So far, no irritation and reactions and so can layer with sunscreen easy.

  • 4


    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. It's a really thick sunscreen which I think helps to provide better coverage than a thinner consistency. I will use it in my everyday routine

  • 5


    This sunscreen is lightweight. It's perfect to wear alone or under makeup. I am so happy that I can purchase this at target and that it's a great high, quality, yet affordable everyday sunscreen!


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